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August 03, 2007



Thank you for shedding some light on the way this nation treats its boys and men!

I'm a nurse, and infant circumcision makes me sick. It's so brutal and unnecessary.

A very "unscientific" survey I've done on my own through the years has shown my uncircumcised boyfriends were always less hostile than the circumcised ones. It's not a huge sample size by any means but I've always wondered if having their genitals cut at birth made the circumcised men more like a ticking time bombs.Maybe they started life with a lot of pain and it put them in an angry mood for the rest of their life. I'm pretty sure I'd be upset if the same had been done to me!

The bit about the hockey coaches and the injury prevention video also makes me sick. To think that any adult would prohibit children from gaining information that could save them or other players from injury in order to win more games is disgusting! Those coaches should be ashamed!

Tim Allen on the TV show Home Improvement used to always put down his boys by calling them "girls" or saying they threw a ball like a girl. Isn't it horrific that being a female in our society is looked down upon and used as an insult?

Very nice blog. You may be one of the brightest people on the web!

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