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May 27, 2008


Marc R. Wolsky

I found your peice on the true value of the DSM fascinating. It examined the issue of the modern treatment of mental illness completely and I couldn't argue with the author's professionalism from a doctors standpoint.
However, I'd like to point out the issues raised, the idea of socialism taking the place of a mental health establishment fueled by a desire for money instead of a scientific treatment of the patient, lacks as do many modern ideas an exacting basis for thought...In order to understand the world as you suggest doctor, it takes a method of analysis that is emminently rational, such as learning the true nature of cosmology. Until we grasp the infinite capacity of the human mind to make a leap of logic, and therefore really solve the riddles of existance, we will be trapped into the guesswork frame of the current scientific method.
I would like to say that I found your thoughts on the infinite nature of the human mind delightful and you should be commended on being closer to the mark in a truly clinical presentation!

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