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September 22, 2007



An absolutely excellent article! Really got my brain cells going! So rare that I read something by a real socialist.

Most people I encounter in "left" circles are what I would call political liberals, that is, a subset of economic liberals. It seems to me that intellectual understanding of socialism stopped in the U.S. at the 1910 and in Europe after they attained social democracy. Of course socialism is not social democracy, which is only capitalism with a welfare state added to maintain the system.

I think that it is extremely important that a revolutionary movement develops here, along with other places in the world, because the U.S. with its military power serves as the linchpin of capitalism. The media and the educational system in the U.S. have been extremely successful in retarding the development of socialist thought as well as critical thinking in general. There is so much unlearning and relearning to be done and Rosenthal's writing is advancing this project.

Thank you so much!

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